Interior modern hospital corridor with metal and glass cabinets containing hospital supplies, a white counter-height cabinet with closed doors, a brown cabinet with closed drawers and doors, with supplies on top, two sinks with paper towel holders and a desk with supplies in the background with an exit door

Serving the healthcare industry with professional, first-class solutions is imperative to keeping patients and medical staff safe and secure. CSS focuses on providing medical and health cleaning for numerous types of medical offices, administrative spaces, and hospital settings. From hospital cleaning services that address the sanitization and sterilization of surgical, operational, and examination areas, to medical cleaning services for administrative, senior living, and patient-facing locations, our team has the experience and resources you need.

Additionally, we are trained in specialized controlled cleaning services, to decontaminate sensitive environments and surfaces. CSS works closely with our hospital/medical clients to agree on the specific processes and procedures required to clean and maintain these specialized facilities.

Hospital/Medical Services that we provide include:

  • Hospital/Medical Cleaning, Sanitation, and Disposal
  • Outer Offices/Administrative Cleaning
  • Specialized Controlled Cleaning
  • Facility Support & Porter Services
  • Flood/Mold/Fire Remediation & Restoration
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Metal, Stone, Wood Maintenance
  • Custom Labor Solutions