Cleanroom Cleaning Services 

CSS Building Services knows the impact that cleanroom protection and contamination control have on specialized environments. That’s why our skilled, experienced team provides an entire service area around pharmaceutical/bio-tech and high-tech cleanroom services. From meeting FDA, GMP, and other unique compliance standards, to providing cleanroom cleaning that reduces costs and improves work environments for better production, you receive strategic cleaning services that are customized to your needs.

Pharmaceutical Technicians walking in sterile coveralls in a clean room facility

Our Cleanroom Decontamination Solutions

At CSS, our teams provide cleanroom decontamination solutions and optimal results for controlled and non-controlled environments that promote healthy and safe conditions that are maintained for long-term, sustainable use.  

Creating customizable plans for contaminated cleanrooms, controlled environments, and related spaces where non-controlled environments exist, our cleanroom solutions include:

  • Selecting and utilizing sustainable chemicals that ensure your cleanrooms are free of microbial contaminants.
  • Implementing applications with sterile equipment, filtration systems, and the latest energy-efficient cleaning technologies.
  • Micro-cleaning that addresses detailed procedures for delicate equipment, systems, and project areas.

Cleanroom and Controlled Contamination Services

While all cleanrooms and controlled and non-controlled environments demand high-quality cleaning services, CSS understands that not all cleanrooms should be maintained in the same manner. That’s why our experienced teams will work with you to design a specific cleaning service program plan that meets your needs and fits your exact specifications. We provide your business with the most effective controlled contamination services and cleanroom cleaning and monitoring solutions, performed by reliable cleaning professionals who know how to serve your industry.

Services that CSS offers include but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive controlled cleanroom and environment-specific cleaning services for a wide variety of industries.
  • Monitoring of the environment at every stage of the cleaning process.
  • Time-sensitive cleaning services that fit specific work schedules to eliminate lost production concerns.
  • Quality control and assurance of cleaning processes, products, and applications.
  • Specialized micro-cleaning completed by experienced professionals.
  • Management of cleanroom sterile garment supplies.
  • Evolving, customizable cleaning protocols.
  • Ongoing training for CSS staff that will meet industry-specific needs.
  • Review and authentication of compliant cleaning processes.
  • Audit-level cleaning plans that meet compliance standards.
  • A highly qualified team that meets all FDA and GMP standards.

Partner with CSS

Put your trust in the team at CSS for unique support and first-class cleaning services in your cleanrooms and controlled and non-controlled environments. Since 1978, we have served an extensive selection of businesses around the United States with customized and personalized services.

Founded as a family-operated company, we communicate with you regularly as a local business, yet, have the resources of a large corporation to clean on your schedule and to meet your specific requirements. This allows us to always prioritize quality that ensures your business’s success.

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